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Andrew Housley


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I approach yoga the same way I approach life – to reach a goal, you must step out of your comfort zone and surrender yourself to the journey. As a yoga practitioner and Zen student for over 20 years, my friends call me "The Machine" because of my love of precision in my personal practice.


As a teacher, I am passionate about providing my students with the techniques and instruction they need to reach their goals on (and off) the mat. Students can unlock their practice's true potential
through proper technique, alignment, breath control, and mental focus. You'll find my teaching style to be compassionate, mindful, inclusive, strict, and dedicated to the growth of my student's complete practice.

Author of the novel Waiting Impatiently, a gritty story of a man's spiritual metamorphosis. Here we experience the birth and process of self-transformation found through the catalyst of sorrow and lost love. Through Ian’s journey, we are offered the uniquely poignant perspective of a man’s internal struggle with Self. In a desperate moment, he arrives at the Monastery, a place where time stands still. Here, he finds solace to soothe his soul and to meditate on the Zen riddle, “can you manifest your true nature while staring at the pieces of your broken heart?”

When I'm not practicing yoga, you'll find me scratching out story ideas, drinking a great cup of Yirgacheffe coffee, hiking a trail with my German Sheperd' Fritz', studying Zen on a Bermudian beach, making music, and simply experiencing life.

My life's mantra is: Be. Here. Now. There is only now.

RYT200 Teacher Training, Peachtree Yoga Center, Atlanta GA, 2018
Functional Nutritionist, Cornell University Online, 2020
FRCms Mobility Specialist, Functional Range Conditioning, Athens, GA, 2018
Kinstretch Certified, Functional Range Conditioning - Online, 2019
RYT200 Teacher Training, Touch of India, Atlanta, GA 1999

Areas of Speciality:
Yoga Asana Alignment / Body Control
Breathing Techniques
Functional Movement / Athletic Performance
Holistic Health & Nutrition
Stress Management

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