Dana Brew


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Dana has been practicing yoga regularly for the last 5 years.  A former long-distance runner who struggled with injuries and lack of “passion” for the sport, years of inactivity lead to anxiety and a general lack of love for life.  In an effort to create better habits and spark more fire from within, she started to take Yoga classes in her neighborhood.  Within weeks a new freedom and strength and lust for life began to take over.  

Dana was born and raised in Marietta GA.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in physical education and a Masters of Education in Exercise Physiology, in which she learned about the therapeutic value of exercise in maintaining a healthy mind and body.  She received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification in May 2019 and is a certified Leader of the Y12SR Program, which is Yoga of 12-Step Recovery.

Dana is a dedicated healer, and eager to share her knowledge and wisdom with those who are interested in healing the mind through the body.  She focuses on what is possible when you begin to discover the potential of the human body through mindful movement.