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Class Descriptions

Classes are taught for ALL experience levels, but beginners may feel most comfortable in Gentle Flow, Slow FlowChair, or Yin classes. 
(hover over images for detail - see live schedule for more)

Studio Etiquette

Arrive Early – arrive 5-10 minutes before scheduled class time to get settled on your mat. We start on time and lock the front door during class. To respect our teacher and students, we will not disrupt class after it begins.

Remove Shoes – we have cubbies and racks up front for your shoes, please leave them here before entering the studio space.

Silence Phone – quiet your phone and leave it with your belongings in the lobby so we can maintain a peaceful space for our practice.

Avoid Strong Perfumes – be mindful of any strong scents and refrain from using them until after practice. These can disrupt breathing for those around you with sensitivity or allergies.

Stay for Savasana – if you need to leave class early for any reason, please roll up your mat and quietly let yourself out before our final resting pose. We try to avoid any disturbance during Savasana to allow all students to fully receive their practice. 

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