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30 Days
for $30

unlimited classes

About Us

gruvnYOGA   provides   accessible yoga for your unique body.

We have a safe space to practice   in a  judgment~free atmosphere,

with a community who cares.

Classes  are  guided by certified instructors with diverse styles and backgrounds.

gruvnYOGA  is not a gym. There are no  weights, no gimmicks, and no mirrors.

Most classes are unheated, and some are warm.

We practice yoga that is    focused on breathing,  physical mobility  and mindfulness

It's not about what you wear  or how you look, it's about how you feel

And you will feel right at home.

We are honored to be your friendly neighborhood yoga studio!

About Us



Do you breathe? Do you have a body? Then you can do yoga!!
Every BODY is a YOGA body!

While yoga is known best for its physical postures, the true focus is on awareness - becoming “in tune” with the connection between your mind, body and spirit.

The techniques of yoga are easy to learn and can be used throughout life. You will gain strength, flexibility and have better mobility as your body ages. You will build willpower and gain mental clarity. And you will feel lighter in your spirit!

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