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Mary Anne Hawkins

Ashtanga Primary

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Mary Anne has been practicing yoga since 2006 when her Pilates class was cancelled and replaced with a hatha yoga class. In the first downward dog, her teacher introduced the idea of purposeful alignment, movement, and most importantly the power of breathing.


Having a career in healthcare, she was drawn to the anatomy and physiology of the asanas and how the body can heal through poses.

Yoga was also a vital outlet to release stress from her fast-paced job. Every class ended with one quote: “Yoga is the still body, quiet mind, and open heart.” Curiosity to expand her practice led her to Mysore Yoga Atlanta which opened the door to the world of Ashtanga yoga.

Immediately drawn to the structured and inward practice she went through teacher training to learn the breakdown of the Ashtanga primary series poses and the art of adjusting in the mysore room. 

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