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Sarah DenBesten


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I found the practice of yoga when I was a teenager and instantaneously fell in love. I practiced on and off for years but wandered back to my current practice in 2015 when my father passed away. I believe yoga found me when I needed it the most.


You can find me in a variety of yoga classes, from yin to universal, and I love to teach a variety as well. Every class has something it can teach you. Outside of the studio I am often rock climbing, paddleboarding, and wandering around this beautiful mother earth.

For me, yoga is about play. I love to surprise myself with shapes I never thought I could get my body into, and share that joy with others. My goal is to help you find your edge and play there without fear. To assist with this, I teach from the base, and we build to find your individual edge. What’s life about if you don’t get to have a little fun?

I believe that we are our best teachers and that all we must do is take a moment to look inside for the answers. My goal is to hold the space so you can build that mind body connection on and off the mat.

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